The David Lawrence Center is a Community Mental Health Center composed of employed and consulting staff members who hold positions within David Lawrence Center. All staff, whether full-time, part-time, temporary or contractual, are expected to show knowledge of, adherence to, and sensible regard for the appropriate professional ethics, accept the moral and legal standards of the community and recognize that violations of these standards may involve Center consumers or other Center staff in damaging personal conflicts, impugn the reputation of Center staff or adversely affect the reputation or effectiveness of the Center.

This code is intended to serve as a guide to the everyday conduct of staff members of the David Lawrence Center and as a basis for the adjudication of issues in ethics when the conduct of staff members is alleged to deviate from the standards expressed or implied in this code and/or established professional code of ethics pertaining to the employee’s credentials.

David Lawrence Center Staff Members shall commit themselves to the following standards of practice:
Conduct professional activities with honesty, integrity, equity and good faith.
Uphold the values, ethics and mission of the David Lawrence Center.
Maintain competency and skills and continually pursue opportunities for increased proficiency, personal and professional development.
Respect the need for discretion and confidentiality as required for the successful accomplishment of duties.
Refrain from using or condoning the use of the position of staff member for personal gain.
Adhere to all David Lawrence Center policies and procedures.
Adhere to the Center’s Compliance Plan and follow ethical practices involving admission, marketing, and billing practices
Protect the integrity of decision-making regarding treatment, care and/or services
Responsibilities to Consumers of Services
Work to assure that consumers have access to appropriate, effective, efficient and timely services.
Encourage involvement of consumers as partners in their treatment.
Encourage involvement of family members and significant others in the treatment process.
Provide adequate, current and valid information based on the principle of informed consent so that consumers can make enlightened judgments and decisions regarding their pursuit of services.
Maintain a policy of confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal information with respect to services rendered, unless otherwise required by law.
Establish methods which will inform consumers of their rights, responsibilities and risks associated with available services.
Assure the use of a process to evaluate the quality of care of services provided.
Propose and implement solutions which will improve and promote quality services.
Provide and/or verify identification of professional title, role, credentials, licensure and staff relationship to the Center and/or other organizations in accordance to professional standards and applicable law
Responsibilities to the Workplace and to Staff
Further the mission, goals and objectives of the David Lawrence Center.
Exercise generally accepted management practices in the industry.
Exercise responsible fiduciary management of David Lawrence Center resources.
Accept no gifts or benefits offered with the expectation of influencing a management decision.
Promote a climate of professionalism and ethical conduct, and endorse continued professional development among staff.
Responsibilities to Society
Maintain a dialogue with related health care and public advocacy groups to promote advancements in the provision of services.
Interface with those bodies of authority at the federal, state and local levels to ensure access to and integrity of services as a valued component of the health care options available to the public.
Comply with federal, state and local laws to promote public health and safety.
Responsibilities of the Professional
Comply with the Code of Ethics, as applicable, which represents professional standards of practice adopted by the:

American Medical Association
American Nursing Association
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychological Association
Certification Board of Addiction Professionals
National Association of Social Workers
Approved and adopted by the David Lawrence Center Board of Directors Rev. 1/12

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