How do I get into the Crossroads Detox program?

  • Contact a member of the Crossroads admission team at 239-354-1428 to discuss admission.
  • Admissions to the Detox program are scheduled in advance. Individuals seeking admission without a scheduled appointment as a “walk-in” may be admitted on a case-by-case basis. Scheduled admissions are given priority.

I’m pregnant. Can I come to Crossroads?

  • Crossroads offers enhanced treatment services for eligible pregnant or postpartum women. Contact a member of our Crossroads admission team at 239-354-1428 to review your eligibility for participation in our programs.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

  • Our skillful support and clinical staff will work with your insurance company to determine eligibility and benefits. However, even with insurance coverage you may still be responsible for your deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance and will be asked for a portion of those fees at the time of admission.

I don’t have insurance. How much does treatment cost?

  • For those individuals who want to engage in treatment but do not have insurance David Lawrence Center may offer a sliding fee scale. The cost of your treatment is determined by household income. You will also be asked to pay for a portion of your program cost at the time of admission.

How often will I receive medication to manage my withdrawal symptoms? Will I receive medication to help me sleep?

  • Your symptoms and vital signs will be assessed frequently throughout the day. You will be provided with medication appropriate for your symptoms throughout the day and night. Some medications are scheduled at designated intervals, while others are provided as needed in response to your individual symptoms. Medications are gradually tapered as you progress through your stay so that you will no longer require medications to manage withdrawal by the time of your discharge. No prescriptions for controlled substances (e.g., Suboxone, other opioids or benzodiazepines) are provided at discharge.

Can I smoke or use tobacco products while in Crossroads Detox? What about electronic or vapor cigarettes?

  • The David Lawrence Center is a tobacco-free campus and Crossroads is a tobacco-free program. While tobacco use is not permitted while in treatment, nicotine replacement options are available. Some clients may qualify for complimentary nicotine patches and all clients are welcome to bring in patches and nicotine lozenges. Nicotine gum is not permitted. We do not store your tobacco products or lighters while you are in Detox.
  • Electronic or vapor cigarettes are not permitted.

What is the daily structure like?

  • Each day is carefully structured from approximately 7am until 10pm. There are groups throughout the day as well as structured therapeutic activities. There is also yoga, tai chi, pet therapy, and structured recreation time. Each evening, Detox clients attend a 12-step meeting right on the unit. The daily schedule is subject to change.

Are you a 12-step program?

  • We provide and promote 12-step participation due to the rates of success reported by individuals who utilize a 12-step program. Detox clients attend 12-step meetings daily while in treatment.

Will I be able to take my medications while I am in treatment?

  • Prior to your admission, the treatment team will review your medications with you to establish which medications you will be taking while in the Detox Program. You will be asked to bring in your prescription medication in labeled bottle for the medical staff to review.

Can I contact my family? Can I use my cell phone?

  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the detox program. Your cell phone will be stored in a secured and locked location. Access to phone calls is limited and is arranged as needed through Detox program staff to facilitate your treatment.

Can my family visit me while I am in treatment?

  • The goal of completing detox is linking with appropriate treatment to engage in recovery. There are no regular visiting hours on the Detox unit. Communication with family is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and requires review and approval by the treatment team.

What are the living accommodations?

  • Crossroads Detox can accommodate up to 15 adults. There are five comfortably appointed, single-sex rooms, each containing three beds.
  • All bedding and towels are supplied by Crossroads.
  • Clients do not have bathrooms and showers in their separate rooms.
  • Clients use toiletries and razors supplied by Crossroads.

Can I bring my iPod (or iPad, Kindle, laptop, etc.)? Can I bring in movies? What else do I need to bring?

  • While in Detox you will not have access to personal entertainment devices such as iPods, iPads or laptops. There is limited time for viewing recreational movies. If a client wants to bring in a particular movie to view with the group, it can be submitted to staff for review.

What is the meal plan?

  • Proper nutrition is an important aspect of treatment, recovery, and wellness. Individual meals are selected by clients from a daily menu, prepared in our kitchen and served directly on the Detox unit. Specific dietary needs can be accommodated through our nutritional services department which includes a registered dietician who is also a licensed social worker. Clients are not permitted to bring outside food or drink into the facility.

What should I wear?

  • Clients are asked to wear comfortable, appropriate clothing to groups and meetings. Appropriate attire includes jeans, casual slacks, sport shirts, appropriate-length shorts. Dress should be casual and in good taste. A detailed list of what to bring to Crossroads can be found at here.

I left the Detox program against Medical Advice (AMA). Can I return? Is there a waiting period?

  • Each situation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility for admission into the program.
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