Clinical Team

The clinical team is here to help you achieve success. Meet the team dedicated to your treatment.

Dave McKay

Substance Abuse Outreach Specialist

Dave has over twenty years of experience working with both adult and juvenile populations suffering from the disease of addiction. This experience includes having worked as the Drug Court Coordinator for three different Drug Court Programs, Intake Director for a Community Based Correctional Facility, Chief Probation Officer and as a mental health and substance abuse counselor for clients in residential settings.
Through these positions, Dave has developed the crisis intervention skills necessary to help clients with multiple diagnoses to understand the dynamics, challenges and solutions, as well as to identify and engage in necessary intervention strategies.
In his current role with the David Lawrence Center Crossroads program, Dave specializes in substance abuse community outreach, facilitating a smooth and prompt admission to appropriate and available services and programs by completing substance abuse evaluations via both telephone and/or face to face screenings. He is involved in providing education to individuals, families and organizations regarding the disease of addiction, understanding how it affects individuals and their loved ones, and how to access services and obtain the necessary help.


Dave earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University and holds varying certifications that have assisted him in expanding his knowledge in the human services field including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Moral Reconation Therapy and Crisis Intervention Training.


Dave’s extensive work experience has enabled him to pursue what he is passionate about which is serving and helping others to improve their lives. He believes wholeheartedly in the holistic approach to substance abuse treatment which is proven to produce the most successful outcomes.


“I hope you live a life you are proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Mike McDowell LMHC

Intensive Outpatient Clinician

Mike is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing clinical services in residential and outpatient care facilities for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. Within the Intensive Outpatient Program, Mike assists clients to improve self-awareness, identify strength based alternatives to impulsive, compulsive, addictive behavior patterns with the intention of finding a new way of living. Mike has experience working with a wide variety of clients dealing with mood disorders, marital conflict, PTSD, ADHD and grief issues.


Mike holds a Master of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelors of science from Millersville University in PA. and a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist from CENAPS Corp. in Chicago.

Erin Kuhn

Intensive Outpatient Clinician

Erin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience providing substance abuse treatment since 2005 at David Lawrence Center. Within the Intensive Outpatient Program, Erin helps clients to develop self-awareness, implement positive coping skills, understand patterns of addictive thoughts & behavior, maintain a healthy lifestyle and more.


Erin holds a Master of Social Work from the University of South Florida.


  • Alcohol and Chemical Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress Management
  • Adolescents and Adults

Patricia Williams

Detox Discharge Specialist

Patricia grew up in Naples, Florida and graduated from Hodges University with her associate’s degree in Bio-Medical Studies. Patricia brings a varied insight on substance use disorders because of her twenty years of experience working in emergency services in Collier County. Through her work as a NAMI certified CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Member, Victim’s and Witness Assistance Officer and a COP’s (Community Oriented Policing) it has allowed her to develop the intervention skills necessary to assist clients and families during their recovery.
Patricia helped develop and also ran the D.E.P.U.T.Y. Club (Deputy Education Program Understanding Today’s Youth). Additionally, she has devoted time to Operation Medicine Cabinet through Drug Free Collier and is now a Troop Leader for the Girl Scouts of Southwest Florida.
In her current role with the David Lawrence Center Crossroads Continuum, Patricia specializes in detox from substance use disorders. She helps facilitate a smooth transition for the clients from detox to the appropriate programs and/or safe housing during their recovery from substance use disorders.
Patricia assists Detox clients from the initial intake process and all the way through to the discharge and transition stages. Patricia also provides wellness and education services, such as guided meditation, this particular service assists clients in developing new ways to control their thoughts and feelings through breathing. Patricia utilizes innovative techniques to increase clients’ skills in asking for help, to develop rational-emotive conversations, and to grow in refusal skills for managing recovery from substance use disorders.


Patricia is currently completing her Bachelors in Applied Psychology and will be pursuing her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
Patricia’s diverse work experience has allowed her to pursue her passion for giving back to her community and allowing her to improve the lives of others. She believes strongly in providing her clients and their families the tools that are needed so they can help themselves.

Matt Mateika


Matt’s experience includes working with the diverse population of Florida Gulf Coast University as a counselor in the Counseling and Psychological Services Department. Through this role, Matt worked with the increasingly diverse demographic of people attending university. This work provided Matt with insight into the early stages of substance abuse and addiction among young adults as well as experience with more advanced addiction among the increasingly diverse ages of those attending college later in life. Matt also earned experience working with other mental health diagnoses that commonly co-occur with those who suffer from addiction such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Matt’s experience has allowed him to develop the motivational interviewing and counseling theory skills to help his clients navigate the stressful and turbulent time of early recovery. He takes pride in developing a strong therapeutic alliance and becoming a partner in his client’s work towards change.

In his current role with the David Lawrence Center Crossroads program, Matt works directly with clients using counseling theory that focuses primarily on rational thinking to increase one’s resilience to stressors and increase one’s emotional stability. He brings his common sense and easy to understand approach to counseling to both the individual and group therapy sessions in which Crossroads clients participate.


Matt has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Arts degree in clinical mental health counseling from Florida Gulf Coast University.


Dayana Thomas

Nursing Supervisor

With 23 years of experience, Dayana is a Registered Nurse who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Elementary Education at Cedar Crest College in 1990, attained her LPN license in 1996, and continued on to get her Associates in Nursing at Edison State College in 2009. She’s been working with the Severe & Persistently Mentally Ill population (SPMI) as well as those experiencing Substance Abuse issues on an inpatient and outpatient basis since 1991.


Florida Nurses Association American Psychiatric Nurses Association


Dayana has completed specialized training in the use of Motivational Interviewing and Intervention Strategies. She has advanced Nursing Assessment skills and has been trained in withdrawal management and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) with knowledge of appropriate use of Naltrexone and Vivitrol as well as other abstinence oriented medications to reduce cravings and assist clients in achieving long-term recovery. Dayana is skilled in working with individuals struggling with co-occurring diagnoses.


Dayana is dedicated to help individuals achieve what is possible and to reach their full potential. She’s passionate about teaching and instilling hope. She is active in providing education and training in the areas of the disease of addiction, withdrawal management protocols, meditation & relaxation strategies, coping & relapse prevention strategies, as well as health and wellness. Dayana is the lead coordinator for the agency’s partnership with PAWS to bring Pet Therapy to the Substance Abuse Treatment Programs.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


Jasand Ross

Behavioral Health Tech Supervisor

With more than 10 years of experience, Jasand attended Western Illinois University in Macomb Illinois, studying sociology and criminal justice. Jasand has been working with individuals suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Jasand has worked with adults in substance abuse residential treatment, including individuals in crisis, and has also provided clinical services for individuals requiring medical detox. Additionally, Jasand has extensive experience in screening individuals and families to ensure appropriate and timely access to substance abuse services. As the Behavioral Health Tech supervisor, Jasand manages a team of over 15 individuals who provide exceptional, compassionate care to Crossroads clients who are in our care twenty-fours a day, seven days a week.


Jasand has completed training in using motivational interviewing and intervention strategies. Jasand has also completed specialized training regarding behavioral analysis techniques and strategies. Jasand is educated in comprehensive clinical screening and triage practices, together with the use of the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s placement criteria, and has an extensive understanding of available options for effective withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and the role medications such as Vivitrol may play in a client’s recovery plan.


Jasand specializes in community outreach, facilitating a smooth and prompt admission to appropriate and available services and programs by completing substance abuse evaluations via both telephone and/or face to face screenings. He is actively involved in providing education to individuals, families and organizations about the disease of addiction, understanding how it affects individuals and their loved ones, and how to access services and get help. Jasand provides formal training in the community on the disease of addiction and available resources. Jasand actively engages families and individuals in the recovery process.


“Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose to the service of your people.” – Chief Tecumseh


Brando Madia, D.O.

Staff Psychiatrist

Brandon Madia, D.O. as a full-time David Lawrence Center staff psychiatrist in Adult Medical Services. Dr. Madia is skilled in treating addictions, and also provides addiction medicine evaluations for Crossroads clients who may benefit from Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorders.

Prior to joining David Lawrence Center, Madia served as a psychiatrist at The Recovery Village in Umatillia, Florida.

Education and Certification

Madia received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Lake Erie College in Erie, Pennsylvania. He completed his residency in adult psychiatry at Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami.


Madia is an active member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Osteopathic Association, and the American Osteopathic Board of Neurology and Psychiatry.

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